Thursday, August 19, 2010

One step closer!!!

Wow, how the weeks have gone by fast! So fast indeed that I'm having a hard time processing that Ryan and I will be leaving in approx. 2 weeks! The exact date is September 6th. AND GUESS WHAT! We just bought my ticket last night for $750! Actually I only had to pay $621, after Ryan was gracious enough to give me some of his travel points. What I didn't tell you is that it wasn't that easy, or say stress free. The first time we went to buy the ticket, it was the same price ($750) but then we didn't have enough time to book it because our social calender was calling us out the door. We vowed to buy it when we got back to the house. WEll, when we came home, the price had jumped up $600!!!! Needless to say, Ryan was bummed, I was bummed but had hope. From not being in the travel industry, having to buy tickets, I remembered that prices fluctuate every day, so as we went to sleep we were crossing our fingers the price would go back. Since I already told you what price I bought my ticket for you can conclude that the price DID go back down and all was good again in the RyMel house.

Other news, we have packed most of our clothes, vacum sealed them, and up they went into our attic. I still have more editing to do, I just can't seem to let some clothes make its way up to the attic. Progress is being made, Nate(one of our new tenants)started moving his stuff in! His room, our guest bedroom, is coming along nicely.

I put in my two weeks at work last week so my last day is September 27th.

I found out that Facebook is not allowed in Vietnam, which breaks my little heart. Not only was that another way to keep in touch with people, but I just love reading what my friends are doing! Oh, and Yahoo is not over there either, so I have to completely change the way I talk to people! The one thing I am exicted about is that Skype will be up and running. So, if you have a Skype account, you should find me, add, me and keep in touch.

I think that is all the exciting news I have for today. Project Runway is on, and I Have to make the most of my programs before I leave.
Ryan and Melissa