Monday, June 28, 2010

After the "Contract"

So I guess things are not starting off good...not bad, but not great. Is this a sign?

Ryan finally got his contract by email and it is about what we expected. No new news. 13 months, leave in September, blah blah blah, what we already knew. I guess that could be good though.

I got my traveler's visa back from the Vietnam Embassy and it was WRONG! UGH! When I opened my passport, it had the visa in it but only for ONE month. I had written and purchased the 3 MONTH visa. I was beyond annoyed so Ryan took the reins and called the embassy for me. After some "can you repeat that again?" it was decided to send my passport back with a letter explaining the mistake. So, everything should be okay but I am bummed that it will cost another $20 to send it back to the embassy in Washington.

On a brighter note, Ryan and I just back from a visit in Iowa. It was great to see friends and family but it was very sad to realize that I won't be seeing them for at least a year. I didn't get enough time to see everyone, sorry Kelli and a few others. There was just not enough time!

Ryan got to experience about 20 minutes in Iowa City, but liked it enough to buy a Hawkeye baseball hat and t-shirt. Yay! He has been transformed! He was also lucky enough to get a grand tour of Tama. Stopped by the old house, chruch, high school, Pamida, and went to the casino. After hitting up some black jack tables, it was time to head back to Brooklyn to spend time with the parental units.

We are now back in Newnan, relaxing in our house. Lots of things to get done this week: resend my passport, find traveler's insurance, and buy one years worth of contacts. Money, money, money. Oh well, the anticipation of the trip is far exceeding the depleting bank account.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Before the "Contract"

Good Morning Vietnam!
Okay, I'm sure you are going to get tired of hearing that since we're not even in Vietnam yet!
So, sitting down with my friends last night, a light bulb went off when one of them suggested that I write a blog they could read. Oh how she will regret that suggestion.

The BIG news. It's the end of June, Ryan and I just found out last week that we will be traveling to Vietnam the first of September for his job. For those of you who don't know, Ryan will be flying for a brand new airline called Air Mekong, flying domestically across Vietnam. Being the fun loving, generous and traveling spirit that I am *cough cough* I have decided to support Ryan on his decision and go along for the ride.
So what happens when we made that decision? Nothing. No contract yet, no "real" information, a lot of unanswered questions. What I DO know is that it is that stress is already settling in. How will I get over there, will I be sponsored and get a business visa, what will my job be, where will we live....the list could go on and on. Still waiting for that contract in the mail.

To prepare, Ryan has spent over $100.00 in Vietnam books. He likes the one with the pictures, I like the ones that actually give me some sort of helpful information. We have spent time at the public library renting non war Vietnam books(which are hard to find) and travel videos. Honestly watching the videos has made me a little more weary about the country. I am also worried about Ryan. He was so excited in the beginning and that feeling seems to have wained and I'm not sure why. Maybe because he has already looked at all the pictures in his books, haha.

The progress I have made: I have printed out the application for the traveling visa. Check. Have I sent it yet? Nope.

Anywho, as things progress, I will be keeping this blog up until we leave and hopefully lots of fun stories while being over there. There are so many more things I want to say but will stop for now. Consider yourself saved. Have any questions? Just ask.