Sunday, July 11, 2010

The BIG meltdown

Well, yep, it just happened...a big meltdown. Poor Ryan.
Not sure where it came from except that I am getting more and more stressed the closer the September date comes, looking at my bank account and the more we talk about it with friends.
On my million and one things to do list, only one is officially crossed out. Immunizations.

I had called the Georgia Department of Health earlier in the week and they told me they have a supply of free Hepatitis A and B and that I should get there as quick as I can before they run out. Made an appointment on Friday and took Ryan with me.
As we were sitting there amongst screaming kids and babies(ugh) our names were called to the window. Just being friendly I had mentioned to the lady at the desk that we were excited about moving to Vietnam in September. The lady suddenly turns to me and says "Oh, this is for travel?You will have to pay for your shots since it's for travel." Oh crap! Why did I open my mouth? I was just trying to be friendly! Ryan gives me the "bad" look. Oops.

We then start back tracking. Can't she just pretend I didn't say those words? I am a US citizen standing in front of her needed these shots, which makes me no different then the person next on that list without his updated shots. She leaves, says she will talk to somebody. She comes back and asks what we will be doing there. Ryan pipes up and says "We are going to work for a non-profit organization." I started to sweat. She then asks what profit organization. Ryan stumbles for a bit then looks at me and says "What was the name of it again, honey?" OOOOOOOOOO he just threw me under the bus! My face turned bright red, I could feel the heat rising. My mind went blank, what do I say? After a few seconds, I managed to get out "Oxfam", to which she replies, "What do they do?" AHHHH what's with the questions lady? I responded with "poverty and stuff". I know, I'm a genius. The lady leaves again, as I turn my head and glare at Ryan. She comes back and says "Okay, you will get the shots for free". Immunizations, check.

I still haven't gotten my passport with a visa in it yet, hoping that will come this week and be correct.
In a conversation with Ryan a few minutes ago, I let him know everything I was feeling, which weren't good feelings. I think I got my point across but he feels helpless since I am not asking for help and there isn't really anything he can do. He tries and I am really thankful for everything that he does for me. I apologized but still feel really horrible as I end this post. Maybe I should be working on one of those items on my list, huh?